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Roller Coating Production Line
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Coating equipment production line: 

design, manufacture, installation, service

First, the definition of painting:

Painting refers to a process in which a coating is applied to a surface of a substrate (substrate surface) and dried to form a film. Sometimes the operation of spreading the paint on the surface of the coated object is called painting. The cured coating film is called coating film (commonly known as paint film) or coating.

Second, the role of painting:

1. Protection - Protect the coated object from the surrounding medium, preventing corrosion, ageing and various media.

2. Decorative effect--Coating can make the coated object have color, luster, vividness, smoothness, three-dimensionality and logo, etc., giving people a beautiful visual experience.

3. Special function--coating can adjust the conductivity of heat, electricity and other energy, prevent the adhesion of microorganisms (sterilization), display, control the emission, reflection and absorption of sound waves, and produce luminous light. While beautifying the environment, it also plays a role in the regulation of color and psychology, and can improve the internal environment of factories, schools, ships and vehicles, prevent disasters and improve work efficiency.

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