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Roller UV Painting Production Line for Wood Furniture
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Yongda Machinery provides coating equipment production line design, manufacture, installation, service:

Lengthening Deduster → ②Putty Filling Machine → ③Conveyor → ④Double Lamps UV Curing → ⑤Conveyor → ⑥Posltive and Inverse Rolling → ⑦Heating Leveling → ⑧Three Lamps UV curing → ⑨Conveyor

The wooden furniture roller coating production line is suitable for the primer, the top coat and the coloring of the panel furniture, the solid wood composite floor, the plane door, the handicraft, the bamboo and wood curtains, and the like. The paint film treated by the production line has a smooth surface and good saturation, and there is no paint before and after. It can be similar to the coating effect, but the thickness of the topcoat is greatly reduced, which can save costs.

A full set of production line double roll coating machine scope: for flat sheet, cabinet board, plane door, sheet metal and bamboo blinds, ceramic tile, ceramic tile, T-line, frameless painting, melamine board, photo, photo album , MDF, plywood, etc. for paint roller coating; Roller coating machine advantages:

1. Full-precision single-roller roller coating machine replaces traditional spraying, saving time, labor and efficiency, and good environmental protection. Compared with spraying, it can save 48.8% of paint;

2. conveyor belt and PU rubber wheel, metering light wheel are independent motor variable frequency speed regulation, processing is more precise;

3. The surface treated by the single-roller roller coating machine has smooth surface and good fullness. There is no stacking paint before and after, and the effect of the coating can be almost the same, but the thickness of the paint is greatly reduced;

4. The coating wheel is easy to disassemble and assemble, the positioning is accurate, and the height is counted, so that there are counts;

5. The paint roller is made of special raw materials, which is resistant to solvents and good inking effect;

6. Configure the imported oil pump, the paint can be recycled through the oil tank, almost no waste.

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